2024 Unleashed: Inside the Economic Chessboard with Jason and Mark

In this episode, Jason and Mark discuss the market performance in 2023 and provide an outlook for 2024. They also analyze the latest job report and its impact on the economy. The conversation then shifts to the Federal Reserve’s interest rates and the opportunities in fixed income investments. They highlight the benefits of a 60-40 portfolio and the potential returns in core bonds. Finally, they discuss opportunities in equities, particularly in sectors such as industrials and healthcare.


– The market had a strong performance in 2023, but there may be increased volatility in 2024.

– The job report indicates a slowdown in job growth, which could impact the economy.

– Lower interest rates present opportunities in fixed-income investments, particularly in core bonds.

– A 60-40 portfolio can provide a balance of growth and income for investors.

– Investors should consider opportunities in select sectors, such as industrials and healthcare.


00:00 Introduction and Recap of 2023

03:05 Market Performance in 2023 and Outlook for 2024

07:46 Job Report and its Impact on the Economy

13:27 Fed Interest Rates and Fixed Income Opportunities

21:59 The Benefits of a 60-40 Portfolio

25:53 Bond Convexity and Total Return Potential

30:22 Opportunities in Equities and Select Sectors

31:48 Conclusion and Call to Action


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Important Disclosures:

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Investing involves risk including loss of principal.

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