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A client will not need every service or offering we provide, but we feel it is vital to their success that we offer the full spectrum of financial services available. We differentiate ourselves from traditional wealth management practices by utilizing a 3-pillar approach. An immersive strategy for financial planning, investment funding/management with dividend equities as the cornerstone, and our foundational principle of “client before company.” Which won’t change no matter how much the markets do.

A 3-Pillar Approach to Wealth Management

Financial Planning

A custom financial plan covering all areas of your life. Constantly adapting to changes in the markets, economy, fiscal/monetary policy, personal goals, and circumstances.


Seeking growth and/or income on capital. Risk-reward trade-offs. Designing, implementing, and monitoring a portfolio based on many factors.


Even with a plan created and capital invested, our job is just beginning. Ongoing advice and guidance are critical elements in our client experience. We are taking an interactive role in client/advisor relationships while always keeping you at the center of what we do.

Comprehensive Services Offered


Investment Planning covers all areas of one’s financial life. From the accumulation phase to the distribution phase, having a sound investment strategy that puts your financial goals at the forefront is of the utmost importance. All while giving personalized advice with no sales pitch or proprietary products. Be educated, not sold.


Key Person Insurance, Buy/Sell Agreements, Cash Flow/Balance Sheet Analysis, Tax Efficiency, and Business Cafeteria Plans. If you own your own business, these are all things you need to consider when thinking about your company’s future goals.

Education PLANNING

With the rising costs of education outpacing inflation, many accumulate large amounts of student debt to fund their higher education needs. There is no better time than now to begin planning for these expenses. An experienced financial planner can assist you in determining the appropriate education savings account to pursue your goals.


Everyone has an "Estate." Planning for guardianship, asset flow & protection, charitable giving & deductions, and tax implications can provide you with financial confidence knowing you and yours are covered.


Planning for the unexpected and managing risk is integral to securing you, your family, and your business' future.


No one can work forever. Life passes us by in an instant. Financial security is integral before and after your retirement. Diligence in accumulating/preserving assets and/or generating cash-flow while managing risk is key.

“There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” – Bill Waterson, Calvin & Hobbes.


2 Things Guaranteed in Life: Death & Taxes. Tax planning is crucial for high net worth investors and mitigating unnecessary capital gains or income taxes.

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