Retirement Planning

Often it feels as if life passes us by in an instant. No one can work forever. Financial security is integral before and even more so after your retirement. Diligence in accumulating/preserving assets and generating cash flow while managing risk is critical. Whether a self-employed individual, W-2 wage earner, highly compensated employee, or corporate officer, we offer in-depth bespoke retirement planning services that will educate and guide you in working towards a life of financial freedom.

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”
– Bill Waterson, Calvin & Hobbes.

The “R” Word… The one we all talk about reaching but are afraid to sacrifice for. Retirement is, in our opinion, the most talked about subject our clients would like to plan for. It is something that every human dreams of attaining. The long days of wandering an empty beach, taking a dip in the warm water, an impromptu trip to a bucket list country you couldn’t take a vacation for when you had a job. The possibilities are endless, but only if you have a plan that gives real-world solutions and steps to help you pursue them.

Below is a view of the topics we consider and review when building your retirement plan.

The Retirement Planning Funnel:

  1. Assumptions used for Retirement Planning
  2. Financial Needs Analysis
    • Inflows
    • Fixed & Variable Outflows
    • Windfalls
    • Savings
    • Contributions
    • Retirement Income Needs (Projected)
  3. Social Security
    • Expected Benefit Calculations
    • Working After Retirement & Tax Implications
    • Eligibility & Benefits (Retirement, Disability, etc.)
  4. Qualified Plans
    • Integration with Social Security
    • Defined Contribution Plans
    • Defined Benefit Plans
    • Keough Plans
  5. Non-Qualified Retirement Plans
    • 403(b) Plans
    • 457 Plans
    • SARSEP
  6. Individual Retirement Plans (IRAs)
    • Traditional IRA (Pre-Tax)
    • Roth IRA (Tax-Free Qualified Withdrawals)
    • Phase-Out Review and Eligibility
  7. Regulatory Considerations & Plan Selections
    • Key Factors Affecting Implementation
    • Investment Considerations
  8. Distribution Rules, Alternatives, & Taxation
    • Premature Distributions
    • Penalties
    • Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
    • Beneficiary Considerations
    • Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
    • Taxation of Distributions
  9. Employee Stock Options, Stock Plans, & Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
    • Income Tax Implications
    • Disqualifying Events & AMT Exposure
    • Types of Plans & Stock Options

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