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Key Person Insurance, Buy/Sell Agreements, Cash Flow/Balance Sheet Analysis, Tax Efficiency, and Business Cafeteria Plans. If you own your own business, these are all things you need to consider when thinking about your company’s future goals.

You’ve taken the risk and opened your own small business; you’re now living the “American Dream” and have built a profitable company. As a business owner, your day-to-day is spent paying bills, payroll, board meetings, inventory, ordering, or finance meetings. On top of your everyday tasks, it is essential to make sure your business is protected, operates smoothly, and has a succession/continuity plan in place for the worst-case scenario.

Having a financial advisor that can analyze your business, understand its needs, and prepare a plan will only help take the pressure off you to “do-it-all.” Good leaders and business owners know they can only do so much; being able to delegate tasks to experienced professionals will reap benefits not only for you and your employees but those the business needs to provide for in case of crisis or emergency.

Below are a few points to think about if you own a small business:

  • Buy/Sell Agreements with Partners Due to Disability/Death
  • Transfer for Value Exposure
  • Key Employee Life Insurance
  • Business Overhead Expense (BOE) Insurance
  • Split-Dollar Plan
  • Executive Benefits
  • Cafeteria Plans

We are here to help answer any questions you may have. Our approach will be thorough, thoughtful, and insightful.

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