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Investing and investment planning cover all areas of one’s financial life. From college to retirement, tangible assets to futures. We help guide your investment strategy and will assist you in working towards whatever need/goal you may have. Giving personalized advice with no sales pitch or proprietary products is our fiduciary focus. We want you to be educated, not sold.

The Planning

Investing starts here. We don’t just buy securities; there is a comprehensive planning and analytical process that begins with our introductory meeting:

  • The understanding of investment vehicles available
    • Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Hedge Funds, Private Credit/Equity, Futures, Annuities, etc.
  • The characteristics, uses, and taxation of said vehicles
  • Types of investment risk and quantitative investment concepts
    • Systematic/Unsystematic risk, Liquidity, Marketability, Beta, Standard Deviation, etc.
  • Measure of Investment Returns
    • Simple vs. compound Interest, IRR (Internal Rate of Return), Current Yield, Yield to Maturity, Yield to Call, Taxable Equivalent Yield, etc.
  • Valuation Concepts
    • Bond Duration, Convexity, Capitalized Earnings, Dividend Growth Models, Ratio Analysis, Book Value, etc.
  • Investment Theory
    • Behavioral Finance, Modern Portfolio Theory, The Case for Dividend Growth
  • Portfolio Development & Analysis
    • Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulations, Tax Efficiency, and Performance Measures.
  • Investment Strategy
    • Buy & Hold, Passive Investing, Market Timing, Portfolio Immunization, Margin, Short Selling, etc.

The Result

Portfolio Diversification & Asset Allocation

At the end of the initial investment planning process, we arrive at the portfolio strategy.

Operating off the notion that no two clients’ situations are identical. Thus, we should not treat their portfolios as such. We are active investment managers at our core and use an in-house portfolio philosophy titled "Project X-Ray," centered around dividend equities as the core holding. For some clients, the percentage may be higher; for others, it may be less. We merely believe that dividend equities (more specifically, dividend growth equities) provide a solid foundation for long-term capital appreciation and lower volatility with a consistent and growing income stream.

Our proprietary structure for investing that we consider for each client:

  • Core Dividend Growth Equity Sleeve
  • Bonds (taxable or tax-free)
  • Growth Enhancements (Securities with a primary goal of capital appreciation)
  • Income Enhancements (Securities with a primary goal of income generation)
  • Alternatives (Real Estate, Metals, Commodities, etc.)
  • Private Credit (Debt not traded on the public markets)
  • Illiquid/Direct Investments (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, etc.)

Asset Allocation is an essential concept in creating an “all-weather” portfolio that can withstand different stages of the market cycle. Instead of focusing on specific growth or value style equities or Large-cap/Small-cap market capitalization boxes, we look at these with the client’s objectives in mind and their particular function in the overall portfolio.

While we create the strategy and portfolio in-house, we can potentially utilize specialty investment managers for their vast expertise in a specific field. Being an independent investment professional allows us to craft customized portfolios for our clients’ individual needs.

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